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Argentina's Gauchos are larger than life
Fat if you will!

The gaucho is colorful South american cowboy with a reputation for strength bravery and honor. Believing in solitude and freedom, gauchos would rather live in the untamed wilderness, enjoying wine under the stars, than live in palace in the city. 

 Our Torrontes vineyards are located in Valle Norte of Mendoza. It is the largest wine producing region in Mendoza and South America. It is located between 650 and 750 meters above sea level and it is irrigated by Tunuyán River (Río Tunuyán). Its alluvial soils are fertile, containing silt, sand, clay and no boulders. Its wines stand out for their marked fruity notesOur Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes derive from the privileged area of the Valle de Uco in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. This region lies between 700 and 1000 meters in altitude and is irrigated by the Mendoza River (Río Mendoza) creating an ideal terroir to produce high quality wines. The average annual temperature of 15⁰C strengthens the tannins and colors, resulting in rounder and full bodied wines and enabling long aging in oak barrels. The shallow alluvial soils of the region are featured by gravel and boulders.Very cold winters, warm and dry summers with cool nights, rich soils irrigated by the melted snow and ice from the Andes and grapes grown from the historic region of Mendoza, along with one of the most renowned oenologists in Argentina allow us to produce exceptional wines.


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